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Professional, efficient squirrel pest control covering all London areas

Bioactive Pest Control provides professional, humane, environmentally friendly and efficient squirrel pest control services covering all areas of London to both commercial and residential properties.

Our dedicated team conducts thorough property inspections, prior to carrying out any squirrel pest control services, identifying entry and nesting sites and recommend tailored requirement specific solutions, including sealing off eantry points to prevent future access. 

We understand the unique challenges posed by urban environments like London, where squirrels often find their way into homes, attics, and gardens. Utilising our in-depth knowledge of squirrel behaviour, we employ targeted strategies to safely remove these pests and prevent future invasions.

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Professional Squirrel Pest Control Solutions

The Grey Squirrel is quite an invasive species and very common in the UK (find out more about them here). Despite their small size, they can pose big problems for you and your property. Their ability to reproduce rapidly, and survive on the tiniest amounts of nourishment means they are able to multiply in virtually any environment in next to no time. If you spot one squirrel, there will usually be more.

Squirrels like rats and other rodents have teeth that will never stop growing and so gnaw endlessly on anything they can. This causes significant damage to properties, as they will chew through windows, vents, and chimneys to make their way inside to build a nest. They also like chewing electrical wires, which increases the risk of property fires.

If you have identified a squirrel problem in your home or business, the next stage is to address it. Our squirrel pest control services include a number of ways to deal with squirrels, no matter if you have commercial or residential property.

After a thorough initial property inspection, our squirrel pest control team will recommend and implement the best method to control the problem. We ensure that the methods used are effective, humane, environmentally friendly and safe, for your family or your employees.

BioActive provide squirrel pest control services throughout London

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels should not be living in your property (unless you are selling them or they are a family pet). If you have a squirrel issue, and don’t know and understand the law concerning squirrel pest control, you need a professional pest management expert.

An infestation of squirrels inside your property isn’t just an annoyance. It can present a hygiene problem, which is unsafe for any home or business. Removing squirrels from your property should be a top priority.

Often DIY solutions, designed to get an infestation under control aren’t successful and there are various laws concerning dealing with and removing squirrels from your property. BioActive Pest Control are here to help you deal with squirrel removal legally and effectively.

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19 Acacia
19 Acacia
THANK YOU! Got rid of our mice efficiently and effectively no messing around thrilled we found you. We had at least 50 mice in our home
Emily Brown
Emily Brown
They're completely professional and knowledgeable.
Kim Adams
Kim Adams
Recently had a new ktichen rennovation work done on my home so this caused some infestation of mice in my home which I was not happy about. Called Biopest as I liked the information that was added on their webpage. The technician came & did a good inspection around my home & advised me on the best way to make my home proofed against future infestations. I was very happy with his advice & he also added further measures on points of my home where the problem was occurring. I was very happy with the service they provided & also thanks to Eva for her kind & reassuring manner when I called to make a booking. Unfortunately my neighbour also had some problems & I recommended Biopest to her & she was very happy with the advice she was given when she had her home inspected.
Michelle Shine
Michelle Shine
This company helped me to rid my flat of a horrible insect infestation. Eva was so knowledgeable and helpful on the phone too. If it happens again, I certainly wouldn't use anyone else.
Denis Kepa
Denis Kepa
Excellent customer service and problem solving I will definitely recommend this company.
H Kaur
H Kaur
Very refreshing to speak to a company that is honest and not just there to make a quick buck like some other companies. Asked for pest proofing and Eva was great and very honest in that they could do it but it's unlikely to help and why. And referring me to someone for further advice.
Val Marras
Val Marras
From the first Email Ewa was incredible professional and reassuring. Great customer service all around and very professional. I had my whole flat sprayed twice both time very professional and helpful. Staff were happy to follow up and answer any questions I had. And I know I had lots since I experienced bugs for the first time ever and they pushed me almost to insanity considering with lock down i was stuck home 24/7. I can't recommend them enough although I hope I will never need to call for their services again. Thank you again!!!
Winifred Otobo
Winifred Otobo
Pest control at its finest! So I've had a few different issues over the years, ranging from mice to rats (eeek!) to squirrels and over lockdown these traumatic "attacks" have been regular and in some cases persistent. I've contacted several other pest services but once I spoke to and had a visit from the London team, I've not bothered with any other service providers. From the office team's assessment through to the site technician's prompt and on-time visits, I have not been disappointed. Whilst most of the other control services focused on resolution, Bioactive Pest Control looked at both resolution and prevention. The technician took his time to understand the problem and the underlying root cause, some of which were glaringly obvious to the other providers but had never been raised. Also, I have found an attention to detail and conscientiousness, which is above and beyond any other pest service to date. I would heartily recommend for a thorough, professional approach to ridding you of any unwanted pests.

Common Problems Caused by Squirrels

Squirrels, while often seen as playful and harmless creatures, can become a significant nuisance and cause extensive damage when they invade our homes and gardens. Here are some detailed insights into the problems they create:

Property Damage

  • Electrical Damage: One of the most serious risks squirrels pose is to electrical systems. Their tendency to gnaw can lead to exposed wiring, which is a fire hazard. Many unexplained electrical issues and outages can often be traced back to squirrel damage.
  • Structural Integrity: Squirrels can chew through wooden beams, siding, and even some types of wall materials to gain access to nesting areas. This not only compromises the structural integrity of buildings but can also lead to costly repairs.
  • Insulation Damage: Attics often become nesting sites for squirrels due to their warm and undisturbed nature. Here, squirrels can tear up and compress insulation material, reducing its effectiveness and leading to increased heating and cooling costs.

Garden and Outdoor Damage

  • Vegetation: Squirrels are notorious for digging up bulbs and eating flowers, fruits, and vegetables, which can ruin gardens and landscaping efforts. They can also strip the bark from trees, leading to tree damage or even death.
  • Lawns: In their search for food, squirrels can dig holes in lawns, making the ground uneven and unsightly. This can undermine the health of the grass and lead to a patchy, damaged lawn.

Noise and Health Risks

  • Noise: Squirrels are especially active at dawn and dusk. If they have nested in your home, you may hear scratching, running, and even vocal noises coming from your attic, walls, or ceilings, which can be particularly disturbing.
  • Health Concerns: While direct transmission of diseases from squirrels to humans is rare, they can introduce fleas, ticks, and mites into your home, posing health risks to pets and family members. Moreover, squirrel droppings and urine can contribute to unpleasant odours and potential health hazards.

Access Points for Other Pests

  • Opening the Door: The holes and damage created by squirrels can also serve as entry points for other pests, such as rodents, bats, and birds, exacerbating pest control problems and potentially leading to an infestation of other unwanted visitors.

Why Trust Us for Your Squirrel Control Needs?

Why Trust Us for Your Squirrel Control Needs?

  • Expert Team: Our pest control technicians are fully trained and certified, possessing deep knowledge of squirrel behaviour and habitat.
  • Humane Methods: We prioritise humane and environmentally friendly approaches to squirrel control, ensuring the safety of wildlife and your property.
  • Customised Solutions: Understanding that every infestation is unique, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs and situation.
  • Preventive Measures: Beyond removal, we offer comprehensive advice and solutions to prevent future infestations.

Squirrel Pest Control FAQ

Is it legal to trap and relocate squirrels?

Laws regarding the trapping and relocation of squirrels vary by location. Our team is knowledgeable about local wildlife regulations and employs humane and legal methods for squirrel control.

Signs include noises from the attic or walls, sightings of squirrels entering/exiting your property, chewed wires or structural damage, and scattered nesting materials.

While squirrels are not typically carriers of diseases harmful to humans, they can carry parasites such as fleas and ticks, which can be transferred to pets or humans. Additionally, their droppings can pose health risks.

How long does the squirrel removal process take?

The duration of the removal process depends on the extent of the infestation and the complexity of your property’s structure. Our team aims to resolve issues as efficiently as possible, usually within a few days to a week.

Preventive measures include sealing entry points, trimming tree branches away from the roof, using squirrel-proof bird feeders, and securing rubbish bins.

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