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The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) reports that rodent activity has increased by 51% during the first COVID-19 lockdown in the spring of 2020. In autumn 2020 this increased increased by 78%. Over the last two years, the number of residential and commercial inquiries on rat and rodent infections has almost tripled.

If you suspect you have a rats in your your property, don’t ignore the issue. As well as causing a lot of damage to your property, rats are serious risk to health, as they transmit various diseases.

Our specialists will survey your property for any sign of rats. They will then propose the best removal, prevention and rat pest control strategy.

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For individuals preparing for an appointment with rat exterminators, there are several key steps you can take to ensure that the service is as efficient and effective as possible. Here is a consolidated list of pre-appointment details and preparations based on common practices within the pest control industry:

Clear Access Areas

Ensure Accessibility: Provide clear access to areas where rat activity has been noticed. This may include moving furniture away from walls, clearing out basements or attics, and ensuring that any clutter is minimised to allow the exterminator to inspect and treat these areas thoroughly.

Discontinue Use of Traps or Poison: If you have been attempting to control the problem on your own using traps or poison, it’s advisable to remove these before the exterminator’s visit. This allows the professional to accurately assess the situation and apply their methods without interference.

Secure Food Items: Make sure that all food items are securely stored. Rats are attracted to easily accessible food, so sealing food in airtight containers or removing it from the area entirely can discourage further activity.

Document Activity: Keep a record of any rat sightings, droppings, noises, or damage that you have noticed. This information can be invaluable to the exterminator in determining the extent of the infestation and the best course of treatment.

Safety Preparations: Depending on the extermination techniques that will be used, you may be advised to vacate the property for a certain period or take other safety precautions. Be prepared to follow these instructions to ensure the safety of your household and pets.

Discuss Post-Treatment: Be ready to discuss post-treatment steps with the exterminator, including how to prevent future infestations and any follow-up visits that may be necessary.

Google Trusted - 4.8 Review Rating

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19 Acacia
19 Acacia
THANK YOU! Got rid of our mice efficiently and effectively no messing around thrilled we found you. We had at least 50 mice in our home
Emily Brown
Emily Brown
They're completely professional and knowledgeable.
Kim Adams
Kim Adams
Recently had a new ktichen rennovation work done on my home so this caused some infestation of mice in my home which I was not happy about. Called Biopest as I liked the information that was added on their webpage. The technician came & did a good inspection around my home & advised me on the best way to make my home proofed against future infestations. I was very happy with his advice & he also added further measures on points of my home where the problem was occurring. I was very happy with the service they provided & also thanks to Eva for her kind & reassuring manner when I called to make a booking. Unfortunately my neighbour also had some problems & I recommended Biopest to her & she was very happy with the advice she was given when she had her home inspected.
Michelle Shine
Michelle Shine
This company helped me to rid my flat of a horrible insect infestation. Eva was so knowledgeable and helpful on the phone too. If it happens again, I certainly wouldn't use anyone else.
Denis Kepa
Denis Kepa
Excellent customer service and problem solving I will definitely recommend this company.
H Kaur
H Kaur
Very refreshing to speak to a company that is honest and not just there to make a quick buck like some other companies. Asked for pest proofing and Eva was great and very honest in that they could do it but it's unlikely to help and why. And referring me to someone for further advice.
Val Marras
Val Marras
From the first Email Ewa was incredible professional and reassuring. Great customer service all around and very professional. I had my whole flat sprayed twice both time very professional and helpful. Staff were happy to follow up and answer any questions I had. And I know I had lots since I experienced bugs for the first time ever and they pushed me almost to insanity considering with lock down i was stuck home 24/7. I can't recommend them enough although I hope I will never need to call for their services again. Thank you again!!!
Winifred Otobo
Winifred Otobo
Pest control at its finest! So I've had a few different issues over the years, ranging from mice to rats (eeek!) to squirrels and over lockdown these traumatic "attacks" have been regular and in some cases persistent. I've contacted several other pest services but once I spoke to and had a visit from the London team, I've not bothered with any other service providers. From the office team's assessment through to the site technician's prompt and on-time visits, I have not been disappointed. Whilst most of the other control services focused on resolution, Bioactive Pest Control looked at both resolution and prevention. The technician took his time to understand the problem and the underlying root cause, some of which were glaringly obvious to the other providers but had never been raised. Also, I have found an attention to detail and conscientiousness, which is above and beyond any other pest service to date. I would heartily recommend for a thorough, professional approach to ridding you of any unwanted pests.

Rat Pest Control Is Important

Our specialists will always carry out a thorough survey on your property before recommending a pest control solution

Surveying, Removal & Control

Our professional team will survey your property for any sign of rats. Following the survey you will be provided with a written report and we will propose the best course of action to remove and control rats in the future, to the highest standards.

Our team will set and bait traps, as well as decontaminate your property, while you wait.

We take special care not to damage your walls, floors or ceilings. It doesn’t matter how sever the infestation is, we will take care of it for you.

Covering air bricks to stop rats and mice entering your home

Professional Proofing & Prevention

Rats have an uncanny habit of finding their way into properties through all manner of entry points including:

  • Gaps around your pipes
  • Airbricks
  • Gaps underneath eaves
  • Gaps around your window and door frames.

Rat-proofing is essential to preventing future problems, as it prevents rats from re-entering your property and returning to their preferred nesting area.

We will identify the root of the problem and find all the openings that rats use to enter your property. These are then sealed using steel, mesh and other strong materials, making your property 100% rat-proof.

We have full liability insurance which provides peace of mind for our staff, customers and the general public. We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of customer service possible and we aim to leave every client feeling happy with the service provided.

Our Staff are highly experienced, well trained and most of all friendly

Follow-Up Pest Control Visits

Once the initial service is complete a detailed inspection report will be provided to you. Our pest controller will then arrange a convenient time to carry out a follow-up visit.

We generally need to carry out 3 follow-up visits after the initial service has been completed. These follow-ups are usually once a week or every second day.

The first and second follow-up will let us know how bad the infestation was and where you have had evidence of rats.

During the follow up visit the pest controller will re-bait as necessary and arrange the second follow-up with you. On the last follow up, we would carry out a final inspection of your property to make sure it’s all clear, before advising you how to prevent rat problems in the future.

Our specialists will always carry out a thorough survey on your property before recommending a pest control solution

Identifying Early Signs of Rat Presence in Your Home

The early detection of rat activity within your home is crucial for preventing an escalation into a severe infestation. Recognising the indicators of a rat problem allows for timely intervention:

  • Gnawing Damage: Rats possess continuously growing incisors, necessitating regular chewing on hard materials such as electrical cables, wood, and even plumbing to keep their teeth in check.
  • Audible Disturbances: Given their ability to climb, scratching sounds emanating from within walls could signify rat activity.
  • Rat Droppings: Resembling the size and shape of black olives, the presence of rat droppings, especially in the absence of any, indicates rats rather than mice due to rats’ tendency to be more discreet in their movements.
  • Visible Tracks: Rats leave behind footprints, particularly noticeable in less frequented, dusty areas of a home such as basements and attics.
  • Grease Marks: Due to their limited vision, rats often repeat the same paths, leaving greasy smears along walls and floorboards from their fur.
  • Drain blockage: Check all drains for any blockages
  • Burrows in the garden: Rats can sometimes make burrows in gardens, this can 

Neglecting these signs can lead to extensive and expensive property damage, as rats are capable of causing significant destruction to the structure of your home.

This includes creating large openings in walls, leading to potentially hefty repair costs. Should you suspect a rat infestation, the prompt engagement of professional rat extermination services is the most effective course of action to mitigate damage and restore peace of mind.

London Rat Extermination

Thorough Internal and External Inspections for Comprehensive Rat Control

BioActive Pest Control London excels in conducting both internal and external inspections to tackle rat infestations effectively. Our thorough examination process is pivotal in uncovering the full extent of the rat problem. By meticulously inspecting every corner of your property, both inside and out, we identify potential rat harborage areas and access points. This dual inspection approach ensures that no area is overlooked, providing a complete picture of the infestation and enabling us to devise a more effective, targeted rat elimination strategy. These comprehensive assessments are crucial for outlining the steps needed to not only remove the current rat population but also to prevent future invasions.

Expertise of Building and Drainage Certified Pest Controllers

At BioActive Pest Control London, our pest control technicians bring an additional layer of expertise, being fully certified in building and drainage assessments. This specialized knowledge is instrumental in identifying the often overlooked or hidden entry points that rats use to infiltrate homes and commercial properties. Our certified technicians can recognize structural vulnerabilities and drainage issues that could attract rats, offering solutions that go beyond standard pest control practices. This expertise ensures that our rat extermination services are not only effective in the short term but also provide lasting protection by addressing the root causes of rat infestations.

Understanding the Importance of Water Sources in Rat Infestations

A critical aspect of rat behavior that BioActive Pest Control London considers in our extermination strategy is the rodents’ need for a consistent water source. Rats require access to water to survive and thrive, making locations near water sources, such as leaky pipes, standing water, or damp areas, particularly vulnerable to rat infestations. By identifying and mitigating these water sources, our team can significantly impact the rat population, making the environment less hospitable for them. This understanding of rat ecology is incorporated into our pest control measures, ensuring a comprehensive approach to rat extermination that addresses all factors contributing to the infestation.

BioActive Pest Control London: Your Partner in Environmentally Friendly Rodent Management

Choosing BioActive Pest Control London means opting for an environmentally responsible approach to rat and mouse extermination. Our commitment to environmentally friendly pest control practices reflects our dedication to not only resolving your rat problems effectively but also ensuring the safety and well-being of your family and the planet. With our expert team’s internal and external inspection capabilities, building and drainage expertise, and understanding of rat ecology, we provide a holistic solution to your rodent issues, guaranteeing your home remains safe, secure, and pest-free.

BioActive Pest Control London is dedicated to assisting Londoners and those in nearby regions to effectively resolve their rat issues with an environmentally friendly touch. Leveraging our extensive experience, we’re adept at swiftly identifying and targeting the vulnerabilities within rat populations, employing strategic measures to combat rat infestations within residences.

Recognising the potential hazards these pests pose to both your health and property, we commit to delivering outstanding outcomes through our professional rat control services from initiation to completion.

Identifying and sealing off the entry points that rats exploit to invade your space is paramount for achieving effective rat elimination. Our eco-conscious exterminators meticulously inspect your property to locate any openings that could accommodate rodents, ensuring these are securely sealed to thwart future pest invasions. This preventative measure is a staple in all our rat eradication efforts.

Understanding the Risks of Rat Infestations

The presence of rats in your home is a matter of grave concern, warranting immediate attention. Beyond the obvious threats to your property’s integrity and the potential for disease transmission, rats are notorious for their destructive capabilities. Their life cycle, encompassing nesting, feeding, and breeding habits, poses a significant risk to human habitats and well-being. From gnawing on wooden structures, electrical wiring, and plumbing to ravaging gardens, the extent of damage escalates with the size of the rat population. Hence, prompt action in securing professional rat extermination services is crucial upon detecting their presence, ensuring these skilled specialists can address the problem efficiently before it exacerbates. This advice holds equally for mouse infestations, highlighting the importance of expert intervention.

By choosing BioActive Pest Control London, you opt for an environmentally responsible solution to your rodent problems, ensuring your home remains safe and pest-free while contributing to the well-being of our planet.

Rat Pest Control FAQ

What are common signs of a rat infestation?

Look for droppings, grease marks, nests made from loose materials, and gnaw marks on various objects, and listen for scratching sounds, especially at night​. You also need to look for burrows in the garden, drain blockage and flies around your drains and kitchen​​​.

Seal entry points, maintain cleanliness, securely store food, and reduce clutter to minimise hiding spots for rats​​. you should also install rat blockers in your drains and mesh air brick covers.

Pest control experts use a combination of baiting, trapping, and sealing entry points. Some services also offer environmentally friendly and safe pest control methods.

Many services provide guarantees, including follow-up examinations and treatments if necessary, to ensure the rat problem is fully resolved​​.

Rats can spread diseases, bite, and be aggressive. They also carry parasites and can contaminate food and surfaces, posing serious health risks​​.

Why is professional rat pest control important in London?

Professional rat pest control is crucial to protect your property from damage, prevent diseases transmitted by rats, and avoid potential fire hazards caused by chewed electrical wires.

Yes, many pest control services use safe and environmentally friendly methods, ensuring no risk to other animals in the house or to children​​.

Rat control services are available for both residential and commercial properties, including homes, offices, factories, and food outlets​​​​.

The timeframe varies depending on the severity of the infestation and the size of the property. Pest control services offer consultations to estimate the job duration​​.

Most pest control services offer free quotes and consultations to assess your specific needs and provide a plan of action​​.

The brown rat is the most common in London, known for its rapid breeding. Black rats are less common but can still be a nuisance​​.

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