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Ants are the longest-living insects, with the queens of some species reaching up to 30 years-old. There are over 12,000 ant species in the world and they can be found on every continent except for Antarctica. They are social insects living in large colonies known as formicary. 

It’s not a surprise that these super insects can invade your property before being noticed. If you have an ant problem, DIY solutions are unlikely to have any effect and calling a professional pest control company will ensure the problem is dealt with in an effective timely manner

Ants are ecologically beneficial, but when you find them inside a living or commercial area they are pests and pests need to be controlled. The Pharaoh’s Ant (Monomorium pharaonis) and The Black Garden Ant (Lasius niger) are common species in London, that once introduced into premises can be extremely difficult to remove. 

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Ants Can Be A Nuisance

A single ant foraging for food and water will make its way into your kitchen, marking the trail with its scent. The ant will return with hundreds of other ants from the colony.

Ants are one of the most persistent pests and found in all types of buildings including high-rises and often enter properties when looking for new food sources or a new place to nest. An average colony can have up to 100,000 ants and usually create new satellite colonies where their initial colony reaches its maximum size.  

A colony could be located outside or inside your property, living inside your walls, floors, ceilings, under foundations, electrical wall outlets, etc. They cause damage to wooden structures by hollowing out wood, insulation, and other materials. Ants can also help spread disease by contaminating food, water, and food-contact surfaces.

Given the large number of ants species, it’s difficult to tell them apart from each other. This means it can be difficult to control and eliminate them, if wrongly identified. Each species has different characteristics that define the method of pest control.

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19 Acacia
19 Acacia
THANK YOU! Got rid of our mice efficiently and effectively no messing around thrilled we found you. We had at least 50 mice in our home
Emily Brown
Emily Brown
They're completely professional and knowledgeable.
Kim Adams
Kim Adams
Recently had a new ktichen rennovation work done on my home so this caused some infestation of mice in my home which I was not happy about. Called Biopest as I liked the information that was added on their webpage. The technician came & did a good inspection around my home & advised me on the best way to make my home proofed against future infestations. I was very happy with his advice & he also added further measures on points of my home where the problem was occurring. I was very happy with the service they provided & also thanks to Eva for her kind & reassuring manner when I called to make a booking. Unfortunately my neighbour also had some problems & I recommended Biopest to her & she was very happy with the advice she was given when she had her home inspected.
Michelle Shine
Michelle Shine
This company helped me to rid my flat of a horrible insect infestation. Eva was so knowledgeable and helpful on the phone too. If it happens again, I certainly wouldn't use anyone else.
Denis Kepa
Denis Kepa
Excellent customer service and problem solving I will definitely recommend this company.
H Kaur
H Kaur
Very refreshing to speak to a company that is honest and not just there to make a quick buck like some other companies. Asked for pest proofing and Eva was great and very honest in that they could do it but it's unlikely to help and why. And referring me to someone for further advice.
Val Marras
Val Marras
From the first Email Ewa was incredible professional and reassuring. Great customer service all around and very professional. I had my whole flat sprayed twice both time very professional and helpful. Staff were happy to follow up and answer any questions I had. And I know I had lots since I experienced bugs for the first time ever and they pushed me almost to insanity considering with lock down i was stuck home 24/7. I can't recommend them enough although I hope I will never need to call for their services again. Thank you again!!!
Winifred Otobo
Winifred Otobo
Pest control at its finest! So I've had a few different issues over the years, ranging from mice to rats (eeek!) to squirrels and over lockdown these traumatic "attacks" have been regular and in some cases persistent. I've contacted several other pest services but once I spoke to and had a visit from the London team, I've not bothered with any other service providers. From the office team's assessment through to the site technician's prompt and on-time visits, I have not been disappointed. Whilst most of the other control services focused on resolution, Bioactive Pest Control looked at both resolution and prevention. The technician took his time to understand the problem and the underlying root cause, some of which were glaringly obvious to the other providers but had never been raised. Also, I have found an attention to detail and conscientiousness, which is above and beyond any other pest service to date. I would heartily recommend for a thorough, professional approach to ridding you of any unwanted pests.
Get rid of and control any ant issues in your London property

How To Get Rid Of Ants & Controlling Them

Control of ant infestations is not as easy as it seems. Their nests are often located in inaccessible areas, which often means, the entire building would require treatment. Depending on the ant species toxic bait or sprays can be used. However, it is important to place or use them in the right places. BioActive pest control experts have the experience to identify ant infestations and provide pest control accordingly. 

Ant infestations are treated using a modern biodegradable insecticide, this chemical is very safe and one of the best insecticides on the market. When the ants walk over the treated areas, on returning to their nest, they contaminate other ants and larvae, which in turn kills the nest.

Treatment generally takes around two weeks, longer if carried out before April or in cold weather. Occasionally ants will swarm after treatment (usually late summer) this will quickly die down as the swarming ants come into contact with treated surfaces.

Preventing Ant Infestations

  • Make sure to store foodstuff properly in sealed areas
  • Seal holes and any possible entrance points
  • Don’t leave food leftovers out
  • Clean spillages or breadcrumbs
  • Ensure hygiene and good housekeeping in the kitchen and other food areas
  • Keep the trash bin area clean and empty the bins regularly 

Ant Pest Control FAQ

How can I stop ants being a problem?

Ants are attracyed to food so the first thing you need to do is make sure there is no scaps of food left lying around. For minor problems household insecticides can be at entry points to you property and around the nest (if it can be located). For more serious ant problems, a professional pest controller should be used.

How long does it take for ant pest control to work?

Ant pest control can take up to 2 weeks if carried out during warmer weather. In cold weather it can take up to 6 weeks. It’s important to not disturb the ants during treatment and there may be a burst of activity before the problem subsides.

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