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How To Get Rid Of Mice

Many of our clients have failed to eliminate mice from their homes. Many people believe that putting down poisons and traps will work, but they soon find themselves living with destructive and rapidly-breeding mice families.

Bioactive Pest Control is proud to be the best mouse controllers in London. These are four ways to get rid of mice in your home.

Step one: Remove their food source

Mice will only live in areas where there is food. Because they are so tiny, mice don’t require much food to survive. They can eat crumbs on the floors or surfaces, food left behind in the oven, and bags of grains or pet food. These all provide enough food for them to live and reproduce.

Their families will grow larger the more food they have. A healthy mouse family includes an adult male, two to three females, four to five young, and a sub-dominant male. A single breeding pair can produce more than a thousand offspring within a year if they have enough food.

Mice don’t require water to survive, unlike their bigger cousins, rats. Because they are so tiny, they don’t need water to survive. We can inspect your drains if we suspect that there is a problem.

You can prevent or reverse mouse infestations by completely denying them food. To keep mice away from your home, it is important to practice good hygiene and store food in containers instead of bags.

Step two: Act quickly by blocking holes

Mice are a fast-growing species that can spread disease quickly. They will urinate and crawl in and out dirty spaces, posing a risk to your family. You must immediately take action if you see a mouse or other signs that indicate they are there before they become a large, hungry, and dirty family.

There are always more than one mouse. You can’t ignore a mouse infestation. Mice have poor eyesight so they rely on their senses of smell and sensitive whiskers to make their lives easier. They can live in walls and under floors all their lives, unnoticed and occasionally heard.

To identify mice, you should look for gnawed skirting boards and kitchen units, holes with greasy marks (known as smearing), food containers that are gnawed or food containers that have holes or gnaw marks, and dark droppings about the size of a grain rice.

Mice have thin, flexible skulls that enable them to fit through any space that their skull can pass through. This doesn’t mean that they need to be larger than a biro – mouse holes don’t even come close to the size of Tom and Jerry’s cartoon arches.

Mice can easily infiltrate a home from any angle, including cracks in walls, pipes, windows, gas lines, and gaps between windows. If they can’t find a hole, their sharp teeth will cut through brick, wood, plaster mortar, and brick. This means that even the best-built homes are open to them. They are able to scale vertical surfaces easily, which allows them to climb up tower blocks.

You should seal any mouse holes with rodent-proof sealers. They can be more effective than other DIY sealers or fillers. These rodent-proof sealers contain metal fibres that even the most determined mouse won’t be able to chew through.

The problem with mouse holes is not sealing them; it’s finding them. They often find their way into your home under kitchen counters, in the walls, and through foundations. Professional help is required to completely eliminate mouse entry.

Step three: Call us ASAP

Do now put your and your family’s health at risk and call us right away to deal with the mice and rat in professional way. 

Although you may be able to kill mice with homemade traps or poisons, it won’t permanently eradicate an infestation. They’ll return to your home once they have gained entry.

Pest controllers have access and can use poisons that are not available to the general public. They are more effective than the common side effects of rotting body parts in walls and floors. Professional pest controllers use desiccating poisons to dry the mice. After that, the corpses are eaten by other mice, which further spreads the poison.

Pest controllers must do all the work necessary to prevent future infestations. This is what separates pest control workers from cowboy exterminators. You don’t want to have floorboards removed or kitchen units disassembled by people who don’t know what they are doing.

Bioactive Pest Control has its own plumbers, carpenters and plasterers to help you thoroughly mow your home. We are more likely to make it look better than ever. The mouse proofing we provide is almost always permanent. This means that you won’t have to sign long-term contracts or hire pest controllers every year.

Contact us today if you have a mouse problem and need professional help.

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