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BioActive Pest Control London provides local pest control & property care at great rates.

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BioActive Pest Control provide routine pest prevention, property care and maintenance across all London Boroughs

Highly Trained Pest Control Professionals

No one likes to see pesky rodents running around their property. Our experienced team of pest control specialists can help remove them from your property.

Our pest controllers have many years of experience in the industry and we know how to remove pests, efficiently and effectively.

Bioactive Pest Control London is proud to be a locally and independently owned business. Our employees are fully trained, uniformed professionals, with complete customer satisfaction at the centre of all we do.

Our Customer service is always quick and responsive to your needs.

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We offer pest control services throughout London to residential and commercial customers. 

  • Survey, Advice, and Proofing
  • Effective Treatment
  • Pest Management
  • Property Care & maintenance

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Google Trusted - 4.8 Review Rating

5 Star Google reviews for BioActive Pest Control
19 Acacia
19 Acacia
THANK YOU! Got rid of our mice efficiently and effectively no messing around thrilled we found you. We had at least 50 mice in our home
Emily Brown
Emily Brown
They're completely professional and knowledgeable.
Kim Adams
Kim Adams
Recently had a new ktichen rennovation work done on my home so this caused some infestation of mice in my home which I was not happy about. Called Biopest as I liked the information that was added on their webpage. The technician came & did a good inspection around my home & advised me on the best way to make my home proofed against future infestations. I was very happy with his advice & he also added further measures on points of my home where the problem was occurring. I was very happy with the service they provided & also thanks to Eva for her kind & reassuring manner when I called to make a booking. Unfortunately my neighbour also had some problems & I recommended Biopest to her & she was very happy with the advice she was given when she had her home inspected.
Michelle Shine
Michelle Shine
This company helped me to rid my flat of a horrible insect infestation. Eva was so knowledgeable and helpful on the phone too. If it happens again, I certainly wouldn't use anyone else.
Denis Kepa
Denis Kepa
Excellent customer service and problem solving I will definitely recommend this company.
H Kaur
H Kaur
Very refreshing to speak to a company that is honest and not just there to make a quick buck like some other companies. Asked for pest proofing and Eva was great and very honest in that they could do it but it's unlikely to help and why. And referring me to someone for further advice.
Val Marras
Val Marras
From the first Email Ewa was incredible professional and reassuring. Great customer service all around and very professional. I had my whole flat sprayed twice both time very professional and helpful. Staff were happy to follow up and answer any questions I had. And I know I had lots since I experienced bugs for the first time ever and they pushed me almost to insanity considering with lock down i was stuck home 24/7. I can't recommend them enough although I hope I will never need to call for their services again. Thank you again!!!
Winifred Otobo
Winifred Otobo
Pest control at its finest! So I've had a few different issues over the years, ranging from mice to rats (eeek!) to squirrels and over lockdown these traumatic "attacks" have been regular and in some cases persistent. I've contacted several other pest services but once I spoke to and had a visit from the London team, I've not bothered with any other service providers. From the office team's assessment through to the site technician's prompt and on-time visits, I have not been disappointed. Whilst most of the other control services focused on resolution, Bioactive Pest Control looked at both resolution and prevention. The technician took his time to understand the problem and the underlying root cause, some of which were glaringly obvious to the other providers but had never been raised. Also, I have found an attention to detail and conscientiousness, which is above and beyond any other pest service to date. I would heartily recommend for a thorough, professional approach to ridding you of any unwanted pests.
Eco-friendly pest control practices and supplies for a healthier pest free environment

Environmentally Friendly Pest Treatment for Insects & Pests

BioActive Pest Control London is proud to be an environment conscious business and offer environmentally friendly pest control services throughout all London boroughs.

Our environmentally friendly pest control method for insects such as bed bugs, moths cockroaches, provides an effective solution to fully eliminate any insect infestation.

Our insect pest treatment is suitable for:

  • Family homes & apartments
  • Restaurants, pubs & bars
  • Hotels & hospitality
  • Schools & educational facilities
  • Busses, caravans, cars & lorries


If you have a pest problem and need help removing them from your property, request a free quote From BioActive Pest Control London with no obligation.

Independent & Locally Owned Pest Control London Service Providers

No one likes to see rodents and cockroaches running around their property or bed bugs in their bed. BioActive Pest Control is an independent and locally owned business who can help, by removing them from the property and helping to prevent their return.

BioActive Pest Control London have over 10 years of experience in the industry and know how to remove pests efficiently and effectively at an affordable rate.

We offer a wide variety of pest control services plans, for both residential and commercial properties, ranging from a one-off issue to Monthly, Quarterly and Annual pest control service plans. We are specialised in:

BioActive Pest Control London have full liability insurance which offers peace of mind to our trained staff, customers and the general public. We pride ourselves in showing the highest level of customer service possible and we aim to leave every client feeling happy with the service provided.


If you own or run a commercial activity, you should never wait until someone notices the presence of a mouse, or cockroach to require pest control services. If you manage to see one, you might as well have a pest infestation going on. The rumour that your restaurant has a pest problem can spread faster than cockroaches. It takes one video, a photo shared on social media, or a short review to ruin your reputation at the click of a finger. Not to forget the financial costs that pests cause, namely fines, litigation and disciplinary procedures, and actions that may even lead to activity suspension or complete stoppage.

Keeping your-premises pest-free should be one of your top priorities. Any type of business can be exposed to pest infestations. You have to be careful, especially if you operate a food or hospitality facility.

Bed Bugs In Hotels & Nursing Homes

Hotels, short-term rentals, bed and breakfasts, guesthouses, and nursing homes, are all highly vulnerable to infestations by pests. Bed bugs are a very common type of pests found in nursing and hospitality properties. There are lawyers and solicitors who specialise in brining legal cases on behalf of clients who have been bitten by bed bugs.

Cockroaches In Restaurants & Deli's

Cockroaches can be common in restaurants and deli’s and if not dealt with and managed properly, you could be fined for endangering public health. If a food safety inspection team inspects your business, before a pest control service provider, they might find additional pests, such as rats or mice. 

Cockroaches can carry bacteria and viruses contaminating food and transmitting diseases such as salmonella or dysentery. They can also trigger allergic reactions in your patrons. A restaurant with a roach problem will need to replace all its food stock.

Entertainment & recreation facilities

All types of recreational facilities can be attractive to pests. The coming and going of guests, as well as food being served at places such as cinemas, museums, sports centres, gyms, and casinos create breeding space for bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, mice and other unwanted pests. Prevention and control are key.

Depending on the location and age of the property, it is common to have mice, rats, different types of flies, spiders, wasps, and even squirrels. Pests can also cause structural damage to your property.  Anything that they can eat or use for shelter or nesting needs, will encourage them to stay and breed further. Rats are the main reason for structural damage in a property due to their incisors, which never stop growing. Therefore, rats have to gnaw on anything they can find from wood to metals to prevent their incisors from growing into their brains.

The presence of unwanted pests in your business, can quickly become a serious problem. Nonprofessional treatment of pest infestations can cause exposure to staff and clients, so let the experts handle it for you and preserve the good name of your business.

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